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Primary Switch

The function of primary switch is to provide the high frequency necessary to reduce the size of the power supply. The various circuit topologies demand 2 basic characteristics of the HEXFET power MOSFETs used in this socket, low gate charge and low RDS(on). IGBTs used in this socket are fast switching WARP SpeedTM IGBTs with low conduction losses.

Lambdaaa’s line of HEXFET power MOSFET can be categorized by three tiers of performance and the markets they target as follows:

Benchmark Series: Best Performance Available in Industry
(in a given outline)

Part Number Package BVDSS RDS(on) ID Application
IRFPS43N50K Super-247™ 500V 0.086 ohm 39A Hard-switched +PFC
IRFPS40N50L Super-247™ 500V 0.087 ohm 46A Zero Voltage Switching
IRFP32N50K TO-247AC 500V 0.135 ohm 32A Hard-switched +PFC
IRFP31N50L TO-247AC 500V 0.150 ohm 31A Zero Voltage Switching
IRFP23N50L TO-247AC 500V 0.235 ohm 23A Zero Voltage Switching
IRFB18N50K TO-220 500V 0.250 ohm 18A Hard-switched +PFC
IRFP17N50L TO-247AC 500V 0.280 ohm 16A Zero Voltage Switching
IRFB17N50L TO-220 500V 0.280 ohm 17A Zero Voltage Switching

High Performance Series: Up to 55% Improvement in RDS(on) over Industry Standard

Part Number Package BVDSS RDS(on) ID Application
IRFBA22N50A Super-220™ 500V 0.23 ohm 22A Hard-switched +PFC
IRFPS37N50A Super-247™ 500V 0.13 ohm 36A PFC+HS+ZVS

Standard Series: Industry Standard Performance with Best Cost/Performance Ratio

Part Number Package BVDSS RDS(on) ID Application
IRF730A/S TO-220/D2Pak 400V 1.0 ohm 5.5A Various
IRF740A/S TO-220/D2Pak 400V 0.55 ohm 10A Various
IRF820A/S TO-220/D2Pak 500V 3.0 ohm 2.5A Various
IRFB11N50A TO-220 500V 0.52 ohm 11A PFC+Dual Forward
IRFS11N50A D2Pak 500V 0.52 ohm 11A Various
IRFIB7N50A TO-220 Full-Pak 500V 0.52 ohm 6.6A Various
IRF830A/S TO-220/D2Pak 500V 0.42 ohm 12A Various
IRF840A/S TO-220/D2Pak 500V 0.85 ohm 8A Various
IRFP450A TO-247 500V 0.40 ohm 14A Flyback
IRFP460A TO-247 500V 0.27 ohm 20A Flyback
IRFP22N50A TO-247 500V 0.23 ohm 22A Flyback
IRFBC40A/S TO-220/D2Pak 600V 1.2 ohm 6.2A Various
IRFPC50A TO-247 600V 0.60 ohm 11A Various
IRFR1N60A D-Pak 600V 7.0 ohm 1.0A Various
IRFB9N60A TO-220 600V 0.75 ohm 9.2A Flyback
IRFIB6N60A TO-220 Full-Pak 600V 0.75 ohm 5.5A Flyback
IRFSL9N60A TO-262 600V 0.75 ohm 9.2A Flyback
IRFS9N60A D2Pak 600V 0.75 ohm 9.2A Flyback
IRFB9N65A TO-220 650V 0.93 ohm 8.5A Single Forward/Flyback
IRFIB5N65A TO-220 Full-Pak 650V 0.93 ohm 5.1A Single Forward/Flyback