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Ordering Paid Samples & Smaller Quantities
For your convenience you can purchase IR’s products online. In most cases we offer same day shipment from IR Overnight. It’s easy as pressing the add to cart button from most of our catalog pages. To finish the order just click on the view cart button and complete the order. You can contact us for questions about orders placed online through IR Overnight at (888) 671-1736 or From Distribution
You can check on distribution inventory and order products online. Use the part search to find the product detail page and check the availability of the part. Then just click on the quantity for a link to the distributor website where you can purchase our products through their online ordering system.

To do a quick check of distribution inventory just select your country and enter a part number below.
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Direct Programs
If your requirements extend beyond occassional samples or small quantity purchases, buying online from IR may fit your needs. IR’s online ordering system eliminates the administration associated with traditional order fulfillment. With the tools at the IR website you will be able to order products, check availability and order status 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. If you are interested in joining IR’s buy direct program, click the button below and take a few minutes to fill out a short form. After reviewing your information one of IR’s sales associates will follow up with you.