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Design and simulate solutions using the iP1001. The iP1001 supports single phase solutions requiring less than 20 amps.

Access the design center and use the tools to create and optimize your design

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5 to 20A, 200kHz or 300kHz, 0.925V to 2.0Vout single phase buck converters
20 to 80A, 200kHz to 1MHz, 1.1V to 1.85Vout multiphase buck converters
Work stations, servers, networking, telecom
High current DC-DC power supplies
Up to 92% efficiency
Up to 40% smaller than discrete

On-line design and simulation tool
+/-5% simulation accuracy in less than 5 seconds
Customized evaluation kit shipped within 24 hours
Cuts weeks, or months of design time
Eliminates much of the breadboarding development

The MyPOWER On-line Design Center, combines with overnight evaluation board fulfillment to cut weeks, or months of design time for advanced power systems. Try it yourself and design your own DC-DC converter following the 4 easy steps:

  1. Enter your system requirements
  2. Simulate the proposed design for system behavior performance
  3. Optimize your design by selecting alternate passive components
  4. Order a customized design kit including a standard, fully assembled and tested evaluation board with the necessary passives to personalize your design

The MyPOWER On-line Design Center integrates a highly accurate (5%), ultra-fast simulation tool (less than 5 seconds) with a very efficient supply chain to ship a customized evaluation board kit within 24 hours. The MyPOWER Online Design Center is now available for multiphase DC-DC converters operating in the range of 20A to 80A, 200kHz to 1000kHz frequency at 1.1V to 1.85V output voltage. , or single phase DC-DC converters operating in the range of 5A to 20A, 200kHz or 300kHz at 0.925V to 2.0V output voltage.

Enter your system requirements, Vin, Vout, Iout. The MyPOWER On Line Design Center generates a proposed single or multiphase design using the iP1001 or iP2001 iPOWIRâ„¢ building blocks, including the bill of materials.

You can run a simulation to verify system behavior, and optimize the circuit for performance and cost, eliminating much of the traditional breadboarding development time. The simulator is capable of generating waveforms for step loads, changing input voltages, stability, steady state transient analysis and a complete AC analysis. High accuracy provides robust designs. The components used in the design provide the highest performance power system available in the industry. Once you have settled on your design, you can immediately order a customized evaluation kit for prototyping and final production circuit development.

By incorporating non-idealized FET models and parasitics into the power system model and mathematically reducing them to a few equations with MathCAD, the Spice simulator incorporated in the MyPOWER Online Design Center demonstrates 5% accuracy while compressing computational time down to two seconds.

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