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DirectFET™ Power Packaging

Electronic Products 2002 Product of the Year


3°C/W junction to case thermal resistance (Rth(J-C)) enables highly effective top-side cooling
Less than 1°C/W Rth(junction-pcb) in same footprint as SO-8
Over 90% lower die-free package resistance (DFPR) than SO-8
0.7mm profile compared to 1.75mm for SO-8
Direct chip attach with no wire bonding or lead-frame
Lower package inductance for higher frequencies
Compatible with high volume manufacturing equipment and processes
Bromide- and lead-free

DC-DC Converters Operating At Up to 2MHz…more

Increases current density by a factor of two
Cuts MOSFET part count by 60%
Reduces PCB space by 50%
Up to 50°C lower operating temperature increases reliability
Lower total system cost

High-end notebooks
VRM modules for Servers
Workstations and mainframes
Advanced telecom and datacom systems
The DirectFET™ power package is a breakthrough surface-mount power MOSFET packaging technology designed for efficient top-side cooling in an SO-8 footprint. In combination with improved bottom-side cooling, the new package can be cooled on both sides to cut part count by up to 60%, and board space by as much as 50% compared to devices in standard or derivative SO-8 packages. This effectively doubles current density (A/in2) at a lower total system cost. The first offerings in this new package are matched 20V (IRF6601, IRF6602) and 30V (IRF6603, IRF6604) synchronous buck converter MOSFET chipsets.more…
Part # BVDSS
RDS(on) max. @10Vgs QGDtyp. Package Typical Application
IRF6601 20V 85A 3.8mW 20nC DirectFETTM SYNC FET for Servers
IRF6602 20V 46A 13mW 5nC DirectFETTM CTRL FET for Servers
IRF6603 30V 84A 3.9mW 19nC DirectFETTM SYNC FET for Notebooks
IRF6604 30V 59A 11.5mW @7VGS 7nC DirectFETTM CTRL FET for Notebooks
IRF6607 30V 95A 3.3mW 51nC DirectFETTM SYNC FET for Notebooks
Trade Press Coverage“Dual Thermal Paths Double Power Handling For Surface-Mount MOSFETs” Featured in Electronic Design

Technical Paper

High Current Voltage Regulator Module Emplys Novel Packaging Technology to Achieve Over 100A in a Compact Footprint to Power Next Generation Servers PDF

DirectFET™ – A Proprietary New Source Mounted Power Package for Board Mounted Power PDF

Novel Power MOSFET Packaging Technology Doubles Power Density in Synchronous Buck Converters for Next Generation Microprocessors PDF

Evaluation of Power MOSFET Thermal Solutions for Desktop and Mobile Processor Power PDF

Application Note

DirectFET™ Technology: Board Mounting Guidlines PDF

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