FETKY Co-Packs

FETKY® MOSFET-Schottky Co-Packs

Dead-time as low as 500ns allows frequency up to 100khz
One-third the area and same performance vs. standard SOIC packages
Same outline with 72% RDS(on) reduction vs. industry-best TSOP-6
Ultra low RDS(on) based on IR HEXFET® trench MOSFET technology
Equivalent or better thermal performance
Low profile at <0.8mm
Virtual elimination of package parasitics devices
Compatibility with standard SMT techniques
Fully electrically tested, delivered in tape-and-reel
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Motor Drive
High-end cell phones
Notebook computers
Digital cameras
MP3 Players

Dual FETKY, IRF7901D1, integrates all power components for a synchronous buck converter into a single SO-8 package
Achieve 94% Peak Efficiency with IR’s Dual FETKY®
Patented FETKY® devices are co-packaged HEXFET® Power MOSFETs and Schottky diodes. Co-packaging reduces packaging and assembly costs and increases power density in power subsystems. A FETKY device offers a substantial 60% space savings over the discrete solution which is essential to achieve high power densities in a small form factor required by portable applications.A common application for FETKY devices is in a synchronous buck converter in which the Schottky diode carries current during conduction dead time. A FETKY device minimizes stray package and PCB trace inductance between the synchronous FET and the Schottky that parallels it, simplifying board layout and increasing efficiency.

IRF7901D1 dual FETKY integrates all power components for a synchronous buck converter in a single SO-8 package. It offers 200% increased power density than a discrete solution and offers 94% efficiency in a 5A, sub 1V buck converter.

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Dual FETKY™ Integrates All Power Devices for a Sychronous Buck, Enabling Up To 96% Efficiency.

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