Halogen Lighting Solutions
Halogen (Popular in indoor commercial and residential applications, IR2153 simplifies the design, used by leading lighting manufacturers)
IR P/N Description
IR2153 The IR2153/IR2153D are an improved version of the popular IR2155 and IR2151 gate driver ICs, and incorporates a high voltage half-bridge gate driver with a front end oscillator similar to the industry standard CMOS 555 timer.
IR2156 High voltage half-bridge gate driver with a programmable oscillator and state diagram to form a complete ballast control IC including programmable features and built-in protection.
IR53H420/IR53HD420 Complete high voltage, high speed, self-oscillating half-bridge circuits with proprietary HVIC, latch immune CMOS and HEXFET ® power MOSFET technologies to enable ruggedized single package construction.


Programmability IR53H420 IR53HD420 IR2153 IR2156
Preheat Time Yes
Preheat Frequency Yes
600V Closed Loop Preheat Current
Run Frequency Yes Yes Yes Yes
Deadtime Yes
Features IR53H420 IR53HD420 IR2153 IR2156
Fixed Deadtime 1.2µs 1.2µs 1.2µs
Over-Current Protection Yes
Under-current Protection
Failure to Strike Yes
Open Filament Yes
Below Resonance Protection
Brownout Protection Yes
Automatic Re-start Yes
Thermal Overload Protection
Shutdown Pin Yes
Adjustable Over-current Yes
Ignition Detection
Fault Counter
End-of Life Protection
Integration IR53H420 IR53HD420 IR2153 IR2156
Half Bridge MOSFETs 3W 3W
Bootstrap Diode Yes
Package IR53H420 IR53HD420 IR2153 IR2156
SIP or DIP & SOIC 7 pin 7 pin 8 pin 14 pin


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