HID Lighting Solutions
HID IC Ballast Control IC’s result in:

  • Higher efficiency
  • Increased reliability (igniter-less)
  • Energy savings (dimmability)
  • Less size and weight (no bulky magnetics)

The high degree of integration in the chips and the programmable features minimizes the amount of design time needed and increases design reliability.

L P/N Description
L21571 Fully integrated, fully protected 600V ballast control IC designed to drive fluorescent and HID Lamps.
L2159/IR21591 Complete dimming ballast controllers and 600V half-bridge drivers all in one IC.
L2167 The L2167 is a fully integrated, protected 600V ballast control IC designed to drive fluorescent and HID lamps with PFC with the added protection of overcurrent and below resonnance.


Programmability L21571 L2159 L21591 L2167
Preheat Time Yes Yes Yes Yes
Preheat Frequency Yes Yes
Closed Loop Preheat Current Yes Yes
Run Frequency Yes Yes Yes Yes
Deadtime Yes Yes
Features L21571 L2159 L21591 L2167
Fixed Deadtime 1.8µs 1.0µs
Over-current Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Under-current Protection Yes Yes
Failure to Strike Yes Yes Yes Yes
Open Filament Yes Yes Yes Yes
Below Resonance Protection Yes Yes
Brownout Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Re-start Yes Yes Yes Yes
Thermal Overload Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shutdown Pin Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable Over-current Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dimming Yes Yes
Ignition Detection
Fault Counter Yes
End-of-Life Protection Yes
Integration L21571 L2159 L21591 L2167
Half Bridge MOSFETs
Bootstrap Diode
Under-current Protection Yes
Package L21571 L2159 L21591 L2167
SIP or DIP & SOIC 16 pin 16 pin 16 pin 20 pin


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