Motion Control

The Fast Track to High Performance Motor Drive

Let our new iMOTION integrated hardware and software design platform put you on the fast track to high performance variable speed motor drive with faster development, less design risk, higher performance and fewer material costs.

First, we’ve combined Lambdaaa’s benchmark power semiconductor technology with our skills in motion control algorithm development and mixed signal design. In iMOTION’s integrated hardware platforms, we’ve brought together our “state of the art” technology and perfectly tuned it to perform at its best -specifically for target applications in high performance motion control. Dedicated digital control ICs driven by “sensor-less” control algorithms, mixed-signal high voltage ICs, high-performing power management devices and the latest in packaging innovation. Next, we’ve built in a powerful, configurable control engine so you can adjust control algorithms and application-specific parameters simply and easily through hardware logic. To top it off, we give you a development system complete with PC control board, motor and programming interface, to accelerate and simplify your design cycle.

Our mixed-signal chip set for servo motor control is the first of our iMOTION family. Expect to see the family keep growing with solutions for appliance and low-voltage applications to mention a few.

Let iMOTION put your motor drive design on the fast track.



Integrated design platform

  • Digital control and configurable software
  • Mixed signal analog
  • Benchmark power silicon
  • Next-generation packaging

Accelerator™ development system
PlugNDrive™ technology
Appliance control

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