International Rectifier offers the widest selection of medium-and high power rectifiers available in the industry. These components can be specified in a variety of industry standard packages with a choice of speeds and current ratings from just a few to 8,000 amps. The IR rectifier product line also includes: Snubber diodes with forward and reverse recovery characteristics optimized for GT choppers and inverters; Schottky rectifiers fabricated using several processes, each producing a different mix of electrical characteristics including forward voltage drop, reverse leakage current, reverse blocking voltage, maximum junction temperature and avalanche energy handling in packages ranging from surface mount and axial lead types with ratings of a few amps, to large dual die modules rated in excess of 400 amps; and Ultra-fast Rectifiers for use in motor controls and UPS or modular power supplies, including a line of fast recovery diodes optimized for PFC applications (600V), welding (400V) and telecom AC/DC output rectification (200/300V). Improved Surge Capability in a New DO-5 Package

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