International Rectifier microelectronic relays consist of HEXFET® power MOSFET and IGBT output photovoltaic relays, as well as a line of photovoltaic isolators. The operating parameters of photovoltaic relays are ideal for switching low-level signal loads in instrumentation and data acquisition to medium power loads in industrial controls and process automation, i.e. from microvolts and microamps to 400 volts (AC peak or DC) and up to 4.5 amps of load current at a contact resistance as low as 40 milliohms.The IR line of specialized telecom relays offers numerous contact configurations, package styles, and functional integration with ringer detection in addition to single-pole contacts and small-profile ThinPak packages compatible with applications in Type II PCMCIA cards. Photovoltaic isolators offer single- and dual-channel, optically isolated outputs that can be used for directly driving the gates of discrete power MOSFETs and/or IGBTs, giving designers the flexibility of creating their own, custom-made solid-state relays capable of controlling loads well over 1,000 volts and 100 amps.

IR Enhances Accuracy By Lowering MER Leakage Current

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