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International Rectifier Introduces myPOWER Online Design Center to Save Time in Designing Advanced Power Systemsmore…

International Rectifier Synchronous Buck Converter iPOWIR™ Building Block Cuts Component Count by 90% While Increasing Efficiency by 5% – iP1001 more…

International Rectifier Enables 1.6VOUT, 80A Multiphase DC-DC Conversion with Up to 88.5% Full Load Efficiency using iPOWIRTM Technology – iP2001 Reference Designs more…

International Rectifier’s New Technology Breakthrough Simplifies Power Management Design – iP2001 more…

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MyPower On-line Design Center:
A web-based design and simulation tool combines with overnight evaluation board fulfillment to cut weeks, or months of design time for advanced power systems. Try it yourself and design your own DC-DC converter.

Application Note:
AN-1028: Recommended Design, Integration and Rework Guidelines for International Rectifier’s iPOWIR™ technology BGA PackagesAN-1029: Optimizing a PCB Layout for an iPOWIR™ Technology Design

AN-1030: Applying iPOWIR™ Products in Your Thermal Environment

Reference Designs:

Reference Designs include a fully working and tested assembled design with all the needed documentation including schematics, Bill of Material, Board Layout, application notes, silk screen, and data sheets.
Application Ref. Design No. Part No. Description Price Order
Power Supply
IRDCiP2001-A iP2001 2-phase, 40A, 5-12VIN, 1-2VOUTmultiphase buck converter reference design $335.00
Power Supply
IRDCiP2001-B iP2001 3-phase, 60A, 5-12VIN, 1-2VOUTmultiphase buck converter reference design $365.00
Power Supply
IRDCiP2001-C iP2001 4-phase, 80A, 5-12VIN, 1-2VOUTmultiphase buck converter reference design $395.00
Power Supply
IRDCiP1001-A iP1001 200kHz, 20A, 3.3VIN to 4.5VIN Single Phase Synchronous Buck Converter reference design $295.00
Power Supply
IRDCiP1001-B iP1001 200kHz – 300kHz, 20A, 5VIN to 12VINSingle Phase Synchronous Buck Converter reference design $295.00

Technical Article:
A Whole New Way to Design On-Board Single-Phase Synchronous Buck Converters for Hi-End Network Systems

Smart Power Blocks Build New Approach To DC-DC Conversion
David Morrison
Power, Packaging & Components Editor
Article provided by www.PlanetEE.com

A Solution to Simplify 60A Multiphase Designs
As presented at PCIM 2001

Additional Information:
iPOWIR Reliability Report

A Whole New Way for On-board Power Conversion

Intelligent Building Blocks to Simplify Power Design