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Technical Information

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We have also provided an Application Training Guide for those of you who would like to know more about Basic Circuit Theory, Basic Semiconductor Theory, Device Cross Section, Mounting Techniques, and Typical Applications. Included with the Application Training Guide is a Glossary of Acronyms to help you with your research.

Our analytical index lists a variety of topics common to most questions regarding the application of International Rectifierproducts. To view the index, just click on any of these product groups:

MOS Gate Drivers.

Design Support
MyPower On-line Design Center
A web-based design and simulation tool combines with overnight evaluation board fulfillment to cut weeks, or months of design time for advanced power systems. Try it yourself and design your own DC-DC converter.

HEXRISE™ Software
Accurately calculates the instantaneous temperature rise profile for a power MOSFET subjected to a defined current waveform

SPICE Models / SABER Models
Simulation tools help you predict the performance of our products in actual use

Lighting Ballast Design Software
Generates a schematic, bill of materials, and pcb layout for a selected lamp type and input voltage range

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